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 Préservation de la langue française: QUI A DIT ÇA ??

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Date d'inscription : 16/10/2010

MessageSujet: Préservation de la langue française: QUI A DIT ÇA ??   Ven 17 Déc 2010, 22:19



Le succès public fait foi de tout........

L'orientation du FESTIVAL ......... a été décidée après des analyses de marché, et le directeur estime qu'elle répond à une volonté clairement exprimée par la population.

Il se demande pourquoi son festival en particulier devrait porter la responsabilité de promouvoir la chanson francophone.


«Si on peut programmer des spectacles francophones qui auront un impact majeur, on va les faire», ajoute-t-il en rappelant qu'il a fait venir Gilles Vigneault, Indochine ou Pierre Lapointe ces dernières années sur les Plaines


RÉPONSE: Daniel Gélinas, l'organisateur en chef du Festival d'Été de Québec!!!




Le fait est toutefois que pour le plus grand nombre, vivre en français n'est ni un besoin économique, ni une nécessité de survie sociale et culturelle.

Ceux qui continuent à vivre en français le font pour des raisons multiples, mais c'est un luxe qu'on s'accorde, une corde supplémentaire à son arc qu'on se donne, une richesse culturelle dont on serait bien idiot de se défaire en la jetant par dessus bord, une fidélité à ses père et mère qui ont dépensé des sommes énormes d'anergie et de dévouement, aussi bien que d'argent, pour reconstituer de multiples petits Canadas en Nouvelle-Angleterre.

C'est pour eux qu'on se souvient et qu'on maintiendra une parcelle tout au moins de leur francophonie de souche québécoise et acadienne.


Réponse: une Franco-Américaine, autour des années 1975...

COMMENTAIRES: encore 2-3 ans, 5 ans maximum, et on va fêter LE FAIT FRANÇAIS JUSTE EN ANGLAIS!! === comme le font encore, quelques fois, les Franco-Américains......

C'est vraiment déplorable qu'il y en ait QUI N'ALLUME PAS!!!! Et parmi ceux-là, des gens qui sont aux commandes des grandes organisations de spectacles!!!


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Québécois parmi d'autres

Nombre de messages : 904
Date d'inscription : 16/10/2010

MessageSujet: Re: Préservation de la langue française: QUI A DIT ÇA ??   Sam 18 Déc 2010, 11:14

Les gens de Québec approuvent les organisateurs du FEQ (Festival d'Été de Québec):


Les gens de Québec aiment leur Festival d'été tel quel, ne veulent pas plus de contenu francophone et ont une confiance aveugle envers Daniel Gélinas et son équipe.


Franco : statu quo
Les critiques récentes des producteurs et des gérants d’artistes québécois, qui ont réclamé plus de contenu francophone dans la grille horaire, ne trouvent pas écho auprès de la population, révèle ce coup de sonde.

Au contraire, environ deux répondants sur trois ne souhaitent pas qu’on ajoute des spectacles francophones dans la programmation. Près de la moitié des répondants (48 %) optent pour le statu quo et 16 % en réclament moins, tandis que 34 % en veulent un peu ou beaucoup plus.

Sans surprise, les vedettes internationales, telles que les Black Eyed Peas et Rammstein, séduisent les plus jeunes, qui sont plus nombreux à acheter un laissez-passer, tandis que les répondants plus âgés sont davantage portés vers la chanson francophone, indique Caroline Roy.

« Il n’y a pas de perception négative à l’égard de la programmation », résume-t-elle.



Justement, des nouvelles de Franco-Américains, pour les actitivés des Fêtes === surtout en anglais:
Nos cousins FRANCO-AMÉRICAINS de la Nouvelle-Angleterre nous invitent à aller festoyer avec eux:


December 13, 2010

Meet Us at Le Foyer

Many people would like to 'ease' back into speaking French. So why not meet us at Le Foyer for a friendly get together. Expect some friendly conversation over a Pasta or Seafood Supper with French 'Connaisseurs' . Learn what's happening at Le Foyer, share your thoughts about the community and become connected with. Meet Us Get Togethers begins on Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011 and will continue on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Bring a Friend! You do not need to be a Le Foyer member to participate.


Have you heard of The Roger Ceresi 'All Starz'?
You can check them out on Friday, Jan 14, 2011 from 8-12 at Le Foyer, 151 Fountain St Pawtucket.
What people are saying about Roger and the Boys? Click here or

Want to hear a sampling? click here


Time for nominations for Officers, Directors and LFELT Trustees. Anyone with aspirations to serve Le Foyer in some capacity, send us a brief resume and your reason to become involved. All request will be past on to the nomination committee.

Emails / inquiries can be sent to



We will be meeting and planning with the leaders in Western MA and Daniel Boucher from Connecticut to try to plan a event that everyone can participate in sometime in March/April. Canadian music, arts/crafts, Sugar house, singing, dancing, are all ideas being talked about. Stay tuned, notice will be made in this newsletter.


Western Mass News


Alan's French Night in Chicopee MA on Nov 6 was a great time and also served as the kickoff for the formation of the Le Foyer Chapter in Western MA. The evening was a great success. An 8ft banner was placed over the stage area (see picture below) and every table had a colorful graphic announcing Le Foyer. Several new members joined.
Mr & Mrs Luke Lessard signed up to be the first Life Members from the Western MA Chapter! Three Cheers for the Lessard's.

The Chapter is being organized by Alan Stanislaus, Ron Morency, Mark Blais. Activity coordination is being provided by Denise Toussaint, Madelaine Chabot and Rita Martin

Some of the plan activitites for 2011 include a Mardi Gras Dance on February 26, 2010 and a Maple Sugar trip to Montreal.

"WMASS is excited to be part of such a great organization and we look forward to assisting and growing LEFOYER. The leadership and new members of WMASS extend a heartfelt greeting to all of Le Foyer members and friends, wishing all a Great Holiday and Happy New Year. Merci, The Western MA Leadership"

The Banner and table signs displayed during Alan's Night:
Western Massachusets Chapter
"Le Foyer": Celebrating French Culture & Promoting French Heritage


South Eastern Mass News

La Ligue des Franco-Americains Invites everyone to La Fete des Rois featuring Fleur De Lis with Bob Drouin & Maryanne Valentin Playing Traditional French Canadian Music on:
January 9, 2011 , 1 PM - 4 PM
Century House, Inc
107 South Main St
Acushnet, MA

Traditional Pea Soup & choice of Canadian French Meat Pie or Chicken Pie

Tickets are on sale now for $25/person
Call today for Reservations :
Ray Patnaude - 508-995-3792
Bill Contois - 508-998-3225


Conneticut News

JAM Francaise invites you to their Winter Wonderland Celebration
on Dec 17, 2010 , 6 PM - 11:30 PM
more info here


In the Mailbag

From Mr. Lee Andrews (Dec 6, 2010)

"I really enjoyed my first experience at Le Foyer yesterday. I was very impressed by what I saw and experienced. Josee, of course is a delight as was Daniel Boucher the fiddler. My mother who has Alzheimer's, was with me. She had a wonderful time, too! I congratulate and salute you for all your efforts to preserve and celebrate our wonderful culture."

Mr Andrews has an interest in
French Canadian Spirituality

There is a tremendous richness in our spiritual heritage as descendants of our French forbears, who brought to the New World so many beautiful customs and traditions and a deep and lively faith. Just as the French language is in danger of being lost, so too, may the wisdom and depth of our spirituality. When Bishop Laval requested settlers for his new diocese, he asked of folks from Normandy and Brittany to come to the new world, not only because of their skills on land and sea, but because of their deep faith.
Among the special devotions brought by the Bretons, was a devotion to Jesus' Grandmother and Mother of Mary, La Bonne Sainte Anne , a devotion that was cherished by our Memeres. I am proud to note that my ancestors on my Mother's side were among the founders of the shrine at Beaupre.

The canonization of Br. Andre, God's little doorkeeper, could inaugurate a year of study and reflection on this great and holy tradition. I wrote my Master's thesis on Blessed Catherine of St. Augustin, one of the foundresses of the first hospital of the New World, the Hotel Dieu in Quebec which was virtually unknown outside of Quebec. Among her contemporaries was Marie of the Incarnation an Ursuline educator of settlers and Native Americans also recognized as the Teresa of Avila of New France. There was a tremendous flowering of mysticism and holiness in the New World. It is my hope that this little introduction will generate some interest in beginning a study/conversation/exploration of our precious inheritance.

Lee Andrews

Mr. Andrews has an MA in Theology with a concentration in Spirituality and has worked as a teacher, DRE, Pastoral Associate and has worked as a hospice chaplain. Mr Andrews would like to collaborate on presenting a French Canadian Spirituality series through a French organization. If interested, he can be be contacted by email at leonandrews@cox.net


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Préservation de la langue française: QUI A DIT ÇA ??
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