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 Superiorité intellectuelle, chaos, et génocide

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MessageSujet: Superiorité intellectuelle, chaos, et génocide   Mer 23 Mai 2007, 16:26

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Because people don’t read, they don’t understand that all recorded human history has documented the destruction of civilizations, nations, and ethnic groups by corrupt and greed-driven aristocrats. It is the history of the few, who by stealing the money and resources from the masses, ultimately conquer and destroy the masses. It is the history of the attainment of great wealth, for great wealth comes from the combined and stolen wealth of ordinary people.

Mankind relives this story generation to generation. In microcosm, it is the story of the black sheep who refuses to comply with the social and political attributes of the parents, and who is cast out of family gatherings, family knowledge, family compassion, and inheritance. It is the history of non-compliance to authority. It is the history of mean-spirited gossip, fear-building, and ultimate alienation. Strip a person of his family, history, cultural roots, dignity, resources, and opinion, and that person is emotionally and permanently damaged and conquered.
As intellectually defined superiority continues its path of destruction into the 21st Century, historical patterns reoccur. Legislated theft of the masses continues and escalates. More and more intellectual mechanisms are defined to profile and rate the inferior masses and their resources. New edicts are declared and dictated. Groups are pitted against groups. The rights of the people are rescinded, and the masses become confused, angered, and frightened. Manufactured chaos lives, and elite-owned media guarantees it lives.

rf. http://www.raidersnewsnetwork.com/full.php?news=5341
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Superiorité intellectuelle, chaos, et génocide
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